• Are you tired of feeling anxious? Are you ready to create coping strategies that are unique to you? Stomp out Anxiety is a practical, hands on digital workbook that is designed to help you:
    1. Identify your anxiety triggers
    2. Challenge your negative thoughts
    3. Express daily gratitude
    4. Recognize your anxiety symptoms
    5. Discover affirmations that work for you
    6. Understand how your behavior impacts your anxiety
    And so much more! Attack your anxiety head on and Stomp Out Anxiety! Bonus: 2 Free coloring pages to help provide you with an outlet to release your stress ** This is a digital product. This item is a 22 page PDF file you can print out at home and fill in.
  • Face your Fears is a workbook designed to help you gradually face the things that you fear. Through exposure, you will slowly and repeatedly face things you fear until you feel less anxious. You will learn how to create your own fear ladder by breaking your fears down into smaller steps. Once this is done, you will work towards facing what scares you the most, one step at a time. ** This is a digital product. This item is a 14 page PDF file you can print out at home and fill in.
  • Anxiety Coping Cards is a collection of 7 coping cards to help provide you with techniques and strategies to manage your worries and anxiety. Each card features a strategy that you can use as either an intervention during an anxious moment, or on a more regular basis as a preventative method. Strategies such as:
    1. Box breathing
    2. 5-4-3-2-1 Grounding
    3. Mindful meditation
    4. Positive affirmations
    5. Challenging your negative thoughts
    6. 4 ways to ease nighttime anxiety
    ** This is a digital product. You will receive a PDF file of 10 cards to print off as many times as you like.
  • The Art of Journaling is a workbook designed to have a little fun, get creative, reflect, plan and be grateful. These cute writing activities are meant to inspire you and get you thinking about topics such as:
    1. Ways to stay calm
    2. Favorite affirmations
    3. Your overall goals
    4. Letters to the past and future you
    5. Today’s plan
    6. Weekend to-do’s
    7. All about me prompts
    8. This or that?
    And much more! ** This is a digital product. You will receive a 23 page PDF file that you can print out at home and fill in as many times as you like.
  • Getting a good night’s sleep is essential in order to function well, both mentally and physically. These worksheets will take you through some guidelines for how to relax your mind and body and finally get a good night sleep. You will track your progress and learn what works for you. ** This is a digital product. You will receive a PDF file that is 8 pages to print out at home.
  • Parenting with Effectiveness is a workbook designed to help you parent your children with respect, kindness and cooperation. You will learn how to:
    1. Identify your parenting style
    2. Practice reflective listening
    3. Construct an I message
    4. Resolve conflict in the family
    5. Organize daily and weekly chores
    6. Create a screen time and chore contract
    7. Create a gratitude jar with your child
    8. Identify your strengths and weaknesses as a parent
    ** This is a digital product. You will receive a 22 page PDF file that you can print out at home.
  • People know stress is a problem. People know that they should do something about stress to stay healthy. Many don’t. Canadians are working longer hours and living more frantic lives. This download will help you to identify individual sources of stress and how to find the right responses that fit your lifestyle. You will be given many helpful tools and strategies that will enable you to better cope with and manage your stress.
  • People know they should do something to prevent bullying. Many don’t. As a result, many children are becoming victims of bullying. These children often develop anxiety and low self-esteem. This download will help educators and people alike define what a bully and a victim are and will also discuss what parents and schools can do if a child is being bullied or if a child is a bully.
  • Everyone experiences stress; some stress pushes us to strive harder and some stress debilitates us. I wrote this stress management workshop to help individuals learn how to identify their physical, behavioural and emotional symptoms of stress. This download will also teach you how to keep a stress diary as a means of identifying what factors cause you stress and to what degree. After learning what induces your personal stress, you will be provided with a variety of strategies and techniques that will help you to manage your stress better.
  • As a parent, communicating with your adolescent can sometimes be difficult and unrewarding. Adolescence is a time when a child struggles to gain freedom, responsibility and self- control. These struggles are often at the expense of a parents’ relationship with their teenager. This download will provide you with some helpful tips on how to improve your communication and relationship with your teenager. It will also outline what is typical teenage behaviour thus allowing you to feel that what you are experiencing is “normal.”
  • When you have a positive relationship with your child, discipline is so much easier. This download will give parents techniques to use to develop and maintain positive relationships with their children.
  • Many more mother’s are finding themselves back in the work force while raising young children. They are now faced with something that most father’s are faced with- how to balance work and family. This download will provide you with solutions on how to manage your time better, how to make the transition from work to home, getting organized, avoiding the morning rush, communicating with family members, time management and food for the working family. I developed this workshop after I had my 1st child and went back to work 6 weeks later. Getting organized and managing my time better became my new projects. Following the ideas set out in this download, I found myself more relaxed and able to accomplish what I set out to do. I recommend this to anyone who’s trying to do a juggling act.