“What sets Susan apart as a therapist is her realistic and solution focused approach.  I have greatly benefited as a result of my sessions with her.  Susan’s knowledge, compassion, understanding and professionalism set her apart in this field and make her a valuable resource. “


“My experience with Susan is very gratifying. She is very helpful in dealing with the ups and downs of family life. Susan enables us to realize the importance of family life as well as dealing with the separation anxiety of teenagers.

Susan is a very understanding therapist. She enables the client to express their own point of view. She is also quite compassionate towards the client. She is quite clear with her analysis and will not change topics unless the client understands and is willing to help himself or herself. Susan is there to listen to your complaints and or concerns wholeheartedly. She always has a smile on her face.”


“We were very fortunate to be referred to Susan by our GP. Susan is a great listener, puts you at ease and provides a secure environment to discuss and resolve issues. She is objective, explores both sides of an issue and offers her opinions or solutions in a constructive and helpful manner. Through her “homework” assignments, she integrates changes in behavior and helps to reduce conflicts. Our family has certainly benefited from her professionalism and her warm, compassionate style. Thank you Susan for all the support you have given us.”


“We are very grateful for Susan’s support and guidance…Susan’s advice empowered us to continue growing together through our very full lives and build a stronger marriage than we’ve ever had.”



“I have consulted with Susan for many years both with respect to challenges I have faced with raising my son and with respect to personal issues. I have always found her compassionate and more importantly, her advice practical, honest and sound.”


“I have worked as a co-therapist with Susan.  We have counseled a number of families with their grief, parent-child conflict and school problems.  It has been a pleasure for me and my patients to work with someone like Susan.  She is a very dedicated, responsible therapist who truly cares.  She develops rapport with people easily because of her affable nature.  She is very confident of her work and is a team player.  I would highly recommend Susan for my patients who need family therapy.”

Dr. E. Tjan

“Susan has worked with me as a Family Therapist on cases that have arisen from my own practice that have required her expertise.  I have observed at close hand her ability to deal with the various problems I have presented her which were certainly beyond my scope.  I have been impressed by the way Susan has developed an easy rapport with the patients and how well they have accepted her and responded to her interventions.  She has empathy for the patients’ problems, but at the same time has in mind a course of action to deal with these problems.  I hope to continue our working relationship and can strongly recommend her skiills to any individual in the community who requires a very competent Family Therapist.”

Dr. M. Jackson

“On behalf of TD Bank Health Services, I would like to thank you for coming to TD Bank to present “Positive Disciplining” and “How to Communicate Positively with Your Children” to our employees.  Judging by the audience’s response, these seminars were a “hit.”  Both talks were very informative, providing practical tips for working parents.  Disciplining and communicating with our children are two important areas that provide a great challenge.  Your talks help to make these areas easier to understand and will help us to become better parents.”

TD Bank Health Services

“Just a note to let you know how much we appreciate your excellent parenting advice.  The parenting techniques we have learned through your workshops and individual sessions have been working well with our son.  Your support and extra efforts for us, such as lending us books and videos are much appreciated and are responsible for real change in the way we manage our son as a “difficult child.”  We are so much happier and no longer wonder “why” he behaves the way he does.  Thanks so much for your assistance.”

A. R.

“On behalf of Northview Heights E.L.C. and Pranson Pre-school, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the informative and interactive workshop that you presented to our staff and parents.  The feedback from those who attended the workshop was positive.  The atmosphere was comfortable and pleasant enough that it gave people the opportunity to communicate openly.  Again, we would like to thank you and hope to see you again!”

D.B. and A.P. Supervisors at Northview Heights Early Learning Centre

“Twinkle Stars Home Child Care Services would like to thank you for your informative workshop on Discipline.  The discussion gave us insight into various techniques that can be useful in the home care setting.  Small group discussions allowed everyone to share their own experiences.  Overall, the presentation gave us some valuable information to enhance our program.”

J.Y. Supervisor at Twinkle Stars

“Susan Lieberman facilitated a Parent Workshop on Positive Disciplining that was attended by parents and staff at the Centre.  It was an interactive evening with lots of handouts and information sharing between all who attended.  Parents were given many new ideas to take home and incorporate with their children.  Susan allowed parents and staff lots of time for questions and to problem-solve with ideas that have worked with other parents/staff.”

M.C. Supervisor at Owen Community Learning Centre

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