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Today’s successful businesses are learning environments for their employees. As a result of 25 years of running a private counselling practice and leading parenting workshops, I have seen how stress, anxiety and parenting issues can effect an individuals ability to focus and be productive at work. Wellness workshops are based on the assumption that all people are struggling with the same life and developmental issues. They provide supportive, interactive sessions that target concrete strategies for improving wellness, problem solving approaches to life challenges and adopting healthier life style behaviours. My training in human behaviour has taught me ways to solve the human problems that come to work with people and can give your employees a boost in their energy, focus and productivity at work. Arranging time in the evening to attend a workhshop and/or counselling can sometimes be difficult. That is why Lunch & Learns in the workplace can be so useful and beneficial. I address issues such as:

  • Managing your Anger in the Workplace

  • Mindfulness Based Techniques

  • Becoming a Communicator

  • Dealing with Stress and Anxiety: Tips and Techniques

  • Balancing Work and Family

  • Parenting your Child and Teenager

Solving these problems is how businesses will develop productivity and profits in the 21st century!

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