Voice of the Child Reports

Voice of the child reports are one way to give children a chance to be heard in family law proceedings. The reports give information about the child’s views and preferences around parenting issues and help to clarify how the children feel about the various situations within their family. When it is decided to move ahead with a Voice of a Child Report, each parent will submit intake forms, a child intake form and a Voice of the Child Contract. As part of the voice of the child assessment, each parent will have an individual session in order to allow them the opportunity to express their thoughts on the current issues. I will then meet with the child/ren two to three times to determine the following:

  • Preferred primary residence

  • Preferred school

  • Access and visitation

  • How the child feels about his or her life in relation to the dispute between the parents

  • Any other issues the parent’s would like addressed

A report is then generated and presented to the court or the parents.

Voice of the child reports are cost effective assessments that are not as intrusive as Section 30 Custody and Access Assessments and can be completed in a timelier manner.

To arrange a Voice of the Child Report, or for more information, call 416-512-6356 or email at susan@familysupport.net.

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