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I am a custody evaluator who works with families that are dealing with separation and divorce…

Susan Lieberman Marriage & Family Therapist in North York

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Marriage & Family Therapist

Making the decision to begin therapy is never an easy one. It is my goal to provide you with an environment that feels safe and non judgmental. I believe that the therapy process is a partnership between therapist and client. We work together to bring about positive changes in your life. Family Support has been set up to provide families and individuals with the necessary resources and materials they need to realize their goals. I am an individual, couple and family therapist who also specializes in family mediation and custody and access assessments. When working with families, couples and individuals, my method is supportive, practical and best of all, effective. I combine my training in mediation and psychoeducational assessments with a broad range of work experience in solution-focused therapy, family systems and cognitive therapy. This background allows me to provide you with a unique and innovative approach to treatment.

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Whether you are looking for help for you or your family, or need support moving forward from your marriage, or you would like to arrange a professional workshop, Susan’s Family Support Network is here to help.

Family Therapy

Are you having trouble disciplining your child? Is there a lack of communication between you and your partner?

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Custody Access Assessments

Parents living apart or separating may be unable to agree on who should have custody of their children, or on the degree of contact…

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reunification therapy

Reunification Therapy is a specialized type of therapy that addresses parent/child contact problems following a separation or divorce.

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parenting coordination

Parenting coordination is a process in which a neutral third party facilitates divorced or separated parents…

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Deciding to separate is often a very difficult decision. Many children worry about what will happen to them when their parents split up…

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Voice of the child reports are one way to give children a chance to be heard in family law…

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women sitting on chairs inside a room

I am a public speaker who provides workshops for parents, schools and businesses…

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Lunch and Learn

Today’s successful businesses are learning environments for their employees…

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Do you ever have trouble finding babysitting? Do you find it hard to fit appointments…

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The Stories of Success

We were very fortunate to be referred to Susan by our GP. Susan is a great listener, puts you at ease and provides a secure environment to discuss and resolve issues. She is objective, explores both sides of an issue and offers her opinions or solutions in a constructive and helpful manner. Through her “homework” assignments, she integrates changes in behavior and helps to reduce conflicts. Our family has certainly benefited from her professionalism and her warm, compassionate style.
I have worked as a co-therapist with Susan. We have counseled a number of families with their grief, parent-child conflict and school problems. It has been a pleasure for me and my patients to work with someone like Susan. She is a very dedicated, responsible therapist who truly cares. She develops rapport with people easily because of her affable nature. She is very confident of her work and is a team player. I would highly recommend Susan for my patients who need family therapy.
Dr. E. Tjan

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