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  • How To Intervene With Bullying

    It’s difficult to stop bullying if you don’t know what it looks like. Bullying will escalate quickly if parents, teachers and children don’t stop it. It’s important to take all forms of bullying seriously- if adults don’t, then neither will...

  • How To Communicate Effectively With Parents

    Cooperation and support from parents can lead to a positive atmosphere and experience at camp. Open houses, visitors day, first day of camp - whatever the day, many directors, counselors and other staff find these meetings crucial to ensuring a good...

  • Top 10 Questions For Your Therapist

    Before beginning therapy it's important to be proactive and ask your therapist some questions. Every therapist has a different style and a different way of connecting with their clients. You want to make sure that their approach and background is right for you. The following are some questions that will shed some light on the therapy process and make you feel more comfortable moving forward within the therapeutic relationship.

  • Potty Training Pointers

    In the wake of the recent polarized debate between child development specialists, parents are more confused than ever about when and how to potty train their child.

  • Is Your Baby Sleeping Safely?

    A Guide to Helping Your Baby Sleep Safe and Sound.

  • The Warning Signs of Learning Disabilities

    When the development of academic performance of a healthy child falls short of what is expected for his or her age and intelligence, parents or teachers may suspect the child has a learning disability (LD).

  • How A Teacher Can Help a Student With Attention Deficit Disorder Achieve Success in School

    There are many different techniques that a teacher can use to help provide a better working environment for a student with A.D.D.

  • Depression is Treatable...

    Everyone feels sad occasionally; it is an unavoidable part of being human. However, when these feelings of sadness lead to symptoms that include changes in sleep, appetite, energy and difficulty in concentrating and making decisions, it is time to seek help.

  • How To Diagnose Attention Deficit Disorder

    Parents and teachers should be aware that assessment of Attention Deficit Disorder is quite a complex process.

  • Tips on How to Help Your Child in School

    10 Tips on How to Help Your Child in School

  • Twelve Helpful Hints to Handling Your Active Child

    Twelve Helpful Hints to Handling Your Active Child

  • Cognitive Distortions Experienced During Depression

    There are a number of ways that your thoughts can become distorted by depression. Recognizing and refuting these distorted thoughts can often alleviate depression.

  • Bullying

    1 in 7 children are involved in bully-victim interactions. All children lose when aggression is tolerated; the bullies, the victims and the bystanders.

  • School is Just Around the Corner

    As the first day of school nears, many parents are asking themselves how to make this school year a good one. Family therapist and parent support counselor Susan Lieberman suggests ways a parent can give their child a head start before and after school arrives.

  • Panic Disorder

    What is Panic Disorder? Up to 4 people in every 100 will experience moments of overwhelming fear and anxiety that reach a peak in less than 10 minutes and appear to come on suddenly and unexpectedly.

  • Coping With Your Child's Anger

    You can tell what the purpose of someone's mischief is by the way that it makes you FEEL. When it is happening, ask yourself, "How is this behaviour making me feel right now? Which of the basic emotional needs is being sought?"

  • Clues to Suicidal Thought

    10 Clues to Suicidal Thought & How You Can Help


    A poem about A.D.H.D. by Tracy Nicolaus

  • Areas & Factors in Relationships

    Areas of Possible Concern and Compatibility Factors In Relationships

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