• Children gain a sense of security by having a predictable day and structured daily routines. Having set times for meals, times to be quiet, bath time, bedtimes etc… is especially important for young children. This download will give parents tips to gaining predictability in the morning and at night, it will encourage chores and family meals.
  • Disciplining is a positive act of parenting which if done right, encourages children, teaches children and helps them develp the ability to solve problems. This download will explore natural and logical consequences, active listening and ways to establish routines and structure.
  • Are you having trouble solving problems in your relationship? Are you not feeling heard by your partner? Do your fights get out of control and often don’t have a resolution? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then this exercise on how to solve conflict in your marriage/relationship will be helpful. One of the main difficulties that couples encounter is the ability to communicate effectively. In my practice I have found that one of the common goals that most couples share is learning how to resolve conflict. This download has proven to be extremely helpful by teaching individuals how to fight fair and how to validate each other’s feelings.
  • Self esteem is your self- image or how you feel about yourself. With high self esteem you can be the person you want to be. Self esteem gives children the confidence to embrace life’s many challenges. This download will give you strategies to help children like themselves and ways to build and maintain personal self esteem.
  • When parents decide to separate, it can be a very confusing time for the family. To make the transition easier, this download provides parents with guidelines of what and how to tell their children about the separation. It also helps parents to understand what to expect from their child i.e. their reactions, how to help them cope with their reactions and how to protect children from parental conflict.