By Tracy Nicolaus

He’s bouncin’ off the wall, a superball gone insane.
He runs through your world like an off-rail freight train.
Interruptions are constant, tantrums galore.
When it’s time to do homework, he’s gone out the door.

The drama is constant, oh his foot fell asleep.
He moans and he wails, the theatrics run deep.
School is a nightmare, the teachers are lost.
If they only could see, he is worth the cost.

He’s brighter than most, as most of these kids are.
And with patience and love, I know he’ll go far.
But the crap I must take from “well meaning friends.”
“Don’t let him do that.” “Oh these rules that he bends.”

“You’re not a good parent.” “Your child’s really rude.”
“His temper’s outrageous.” “He has hands in his food.”
He hears this and wonders, just what’s wrong with me?
I tell him “You’re special, you have A.D.H.D.”

“Now A.D.H.D. is a gift from above”
“It teaches us grown-ups how to strengthen our love.”
“It helps teach your teachers, no two kids are the same.”
“You have awesome energy that could bring you great fame.”

“You don’t need much sleep, you never wear down.”
“You’re silly and funny, when you act like a clown.”
“You’ve felt lots of pain from what people have said,”
“But you pray for those people when you go to bed.”

“So you try everyday to make a fresh start.”
“For God gifted you with an extra big heart.”
As I look at my child, he sees through my soul,
My heart feels like bursting, as I realize my goal.

I know this young boy like no one else could,
He’s a blessing to me, he’s strong and he’s good.
So I’ll love him and guide him through the worst of the worst,
And he’ll make a great man (if I don’t kill him first).

I’m kidding of course ’cause I know what’s to be,
When I look in his eyes, I see a reflection of me.

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