I’m looking for help for my family

  • Are you and your partner separating?
  • Do you worry about how your child(ren) are coping?
  • Is animosity making it difficult to co-parent your child(ren)?
  • Are you looking for an assessment with regards to a Parenting Plan, a Section 30 Custody Assessment or a Voice of the Child Report?
  • Does your child refuse to see you?

It’s difficult dealing with the loss of your marriage. It can be even harder to put your feelings aside and make the best decisions for your child(ren). I can help you and your family navigate this tough time. When possible, my goal is to help you learn how to communicate and co-parent. I am also able to help mediate and assess custody within difficult relationships and high conflict situations. Separation and Divorce carries with it many different emotions; emotions such as, anger, sadness, depression, loss and fear. I am a compassionate and empathetic therapist who can help make this trying time, a little easier.

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