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Everyone goes through times in their lives when they need help and support. I can help you...

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Ready to learn new ways of overcoming your difficulties and put more effort into your relationship?

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my child

I work with families whose children are experiencing emotional, academic and/or behavioural problems...

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my family

I am a custody evaluator who works with families that are dealing with separation and divorce related issues.

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The secrets to raising a motivated, successful child can be found in this helpful parenting guide...

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Everyone experiences stress; some stress pushes us to strive harder and some stress debilitates us.

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Let's work together to win the fight against bullying and keep our kids protected and happy!

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What are people saying?

“I have consulted with Susan for many years both with respect to challenges I have faced with raising my son and with respect to personal issues. I have always found her compassionate and more importantly, her advice practical, honest and sound.”


“We are very grateful for Susan’s support and guidance…Susan’s advice empowered us to continue growing together through our very full lives and build a stronger marriage than we’ve ever had.”

Cheers, JJA

“What sets Susan apart as a therapist is her realistic and solution focused approach.  I have greatly benefited as a result of my sessions with her.  Susan’s knowledge, compassion, understanding and professionalism set her apart in this field and make her a valuable resource. “


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About Susan

Beginning therapy and asking for help can be both scarey and exciting. My initial goal as a therapist is to put you at ease and to build a trusting, safe environment and relationship...

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3292 Bayview Avenue, Suite 202
Toronto, Ontario
M2M 4J5

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