Areas & Factors in Relationships

List of Areas of Possible Concern in Relationships:

  1. Communication
  2. Conflict Resolution
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Decision Making
  5. Role Relationships
  6. Marriage (Relationship) Expectations
  7. Finances and Money Management
  8. Sex and Sexuality
  9. Personal Habits and Culture: Food, Eating, Cooking, Shopping, Cleaning, Laundry, House and Car Maintenance
  10. Children/Parenting
  11. Spirituality and Religion
  12. In-Laws
  13. Leisure Time, Recreation, Vacation
  14. Special Occasions: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Funerals, Family Get-Togethers, Christmas and other Special Holiday and Corporate Functions.

Compatibility Factors In Relationships:

  1. A Mutual Ability to Deal with Change in a Relationship
  2. A Mutual Acceptance of a Particular Style of Marriage
  3. The Degree to Which the Spouses Accept Divorce as an Option
  4. A Willingness to Subordinate Your Individual Interest to the Joint Interests of the Marriage
  5. The Age of the Partners
  6. Getting to Know your Partner Before Marriage
  7. The Tradition of Divorce in Your Marriage
  8. The Strength of Your Social Support System
  9. Your Geographical Area
  10. Commitment to a Cause
  11. The Company You Keep
  12. The Spouses Occupations
  13. Educational Levels
  14. The Mix of the Marriage

For more information and helpful resources on Relationships check out the following downloads in our Family Support Network store:

Conflict Resolution within a Marriage and Relationship Exercise

How to Balance Work and Family

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