Teaching Staff What It Takes to be a Great Counsellor


It’s that time of year again when camps are hiring their new counsellors and bringing back returning staff. It’s important for camps to implement a variety of leadership activities and training days to help teach staff what campers need from their counsellors and what it takes to give campers a sense of belonging, security and fun. Follow this three part series which will introduce different activities that are helpful in training camp staff.

Leadership Training Activity #1

The following activity will help staff explore what attributes are needed to be a great camp counsellor.

First: Split your staff or group into smaller groups of 3-5 people

Second: Give each group a long piece of butcher paper (about as long as the height of someone in the group)

Third: Have one member of the group lie down on the paper and have the group trace around this person.

Fourth: Each group is to creatively draw out the perfect camp counsellor. For example: Draw a large watch on the wrist for always being on time.

Fifth: Give the groups a 10-15 minute time limit and then have the re-convene and share their work. Be sure they cover all of the attributes of their perfect camp leader.

Sixth: End the exercise by having a conversation about what the most important aspects of being a leader in camp are and make sure that you discuss anything that the groups may have missed.

Seventh: Hang up the drawing for the rest of staff training as a reminder of what leadership skills you are expecting your staff to possess.

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