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My family therapy practice has been operating since 1996 and offers a variety of services that meets the needs of families, educators and businesses. I work one on one with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families who are experiencing a wide range of psychological, emotional, and/or behavioural issues. As well as providing counselling, I am also a public speaker on many different topics such as stress and anger management, parenting, bullying and more.

Another aspect of my practice is helping families going through separation and divorce by providing a supportive and nurturing environment. As well, I conduct Section 30 Custody and Access Assessments. The purpose of such an assessment is to help decide the best parenting arrangements for children whose parents cannot agree on custody and access. When parents are able to meet together and discuss how they will raise their children after separation and divorce, I can help navigate that process and prepare a Parenting Plan agreement. In some cases the courts and/or the parties request a Voice of the Child Report in a custody and access dispute. Through interviews with the parties and the children, I can help provide insight into the child’s feelings and thoughts surrounding the separation and divorce.

Lastly, I allow businesses the opportunity to operate more efficiently and effectively by offering training sessions to employers and/or employees on a variety of everyday topics that could ultimately impact an individuals job performance as well as the overall atmosphere of the workplace.

Custody Access Assessments

Parents living apart or separating may be unable to agree on who should have custody of their children, or on the degree of contact the children should have with each parent. They may differ in thei...

Lunch & Learn

Today's successful businesses are learning environments for their employees. As a result of 20 years of running a private counselling practice and leading parenting workshops, I have ...


I am a public speaker who provides workshops for parents, schools and businesses on a variety of topics. Participating in these workshops gives parents, teachers and other staff a forum to have

Family Therapy

Are you having trouble disciplining your child? Is there a lack of communication between you and your partner? Are you tired, stressed out and having trouble...

Voice of the Child Reports

Voice of the child reports are one way to give children a chance to be heard in family law proceedings.

Parenting Plan

Deciding to separate is often a very difficult decision. Many children worry about what will happen to them when their parents split up and having a parenting plan can make things clear and predictable for the whole family.

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