Mealtime, Bedtime and Morning Routines

Bed Times! Bed Times! Bed Times!

Bedtimes can be a relaxing and fun time of the day, yet battles can often be frustrating and exhausting. The key to solving bedtime problems is to develop a routine and to stick to it. Here are some helpful hints:

  • Set a daily bedtime. Children respond to predictable routines.
  • Establish a routine before bedtime, including all the rituals (bathing, brushing teeth, story, drink).
  • Discuss the routine with your child so the order becomes established in your child’s mind.
  • Avoid taking short cuts. Allow enough time for the full routine.
  • Tell your child bedtime is approaching (“Johnnie, you have 10 more minutes until bedtime.”).
  • For some children, talking about the day’s events and plans for tomorrow often make ending the day easier.
  • Share some quiet time with your child prior to bedtime to help them wind down. Read a story together, or play a quiet game.
  • Use a night light, or soft music for reassurance.
  • Remember that sleep is essential!! Establishing a consistent bedtime routine will help make life a bit easier…

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