Favourite Camp Evening Programs

Whether you are at overnight camp or day camp, evening programs are all part of the camp experience. Evening programs help encourage bonding, friendships and social skills. The following are some fun and creative ideas for making any evening program an exciting one.

Brown Bag Skits

To prepare, gather as many brown paper grocery bags as there are cabin groups at your camp. Put a variety of random objects into each paper bag. Be sure that each bag contains some of the same items as the other bags and some different items as well. Once the evening program has started, give the bags out to the cabin groups. Give them a time limit (15-20 minutes) in which they must come up with a cabin skit using all of the items in their brown bag- everyone must participate! Once the time is up, everyone comes together and performs their skits.

Drum Circle

Gather together as many drums, shakers, sticks and musical instruments as you can find. Campers may also clap, hit their thigh or chest, or snap to make a rhythm as well. Start with simple beats. Then come up with different rhythms. Have one side of the circle make a beat and the other side respond. Be creative.

Bingo Night

Bingo is a traditional, but fun camp evening activity. Be sure that you’ve printed off enough Bingo cards for 5 or 6 per camper. Set up a microphone system and have a crazy counsellor dress up and be the MC. Make some popcorn and enjoy the fun.

Talent Show

This is a summer camp tradition. Make sure to have campers and staff sign up ahead of time so that you can be prepared and have an evening schedule ready. In between the talent acts, you can have camp songs, fun riddles and some comedy.

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