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Today's Parent

Does your child have interruptiitis?

"Is your chatty kid driving you nuts? Some kids master the art of interrupting long before they learn patience. Here’s how to manage at every age."...

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Our Kids Blog

When Disaster Strikes: Helping your Child Cope with a Traumatic Event

"The earthquake in Japan. The illness of a loved one. A friend’s injury. A child does not have to be a victim of a disaster to be traumatized. Secondary trauma can be as powerful and severe as a primary trauma."...

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City Parent

Helping Kids Deal With Stress

"Stress is something we all experience at some time in our lives.  It's what you feel when you are worried or unsure about something.  This worry can affect how you feel physically and emotionally.  Compared with adults' daily challenges, it might not seem like children have as much to feel stressed about.  But kids have their own worries and their own daily hassles."...

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How to Give Your Child a Head Start in School

"As we get deeper into the school year and children begin to feel the pressure of homework, tests and book reports, parents are asking themselves how to make this schoolyear a noteworthy one."...

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Our Kids Media 

The Keys to Developing Self-Discipline in Children

"One of the most important developmental accomplishments in childhood is the emergence of self-discipline.  Studies have found that a child who has self-discipline is often much more prepared for whatever challenges life throws their way and that self-control is best learned in early childhood."...

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Baby Bites

6 Ways to Improve Your Family’s Health and Lifestyle

"Your family’s fitness and nutrition is something that needs to be taken seriously. Every parent should be proactive to improving the health and lifestyle of their family. The trickle down effects of good health are immense and by following these tips, you will take your family down the path to improved wellbeing and happiness."...

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Our Kids Media

Teens and Hugging…the New Hello or Socially Inappropriate?

"I remember very clearly the day my son’s teacher took me aside and told me how wonderfully my son was doing, but how he needed to cut down on hugging his peers. I left the meeting quite perplexed."...

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Baby Bites

Bullying - It's Happening More Than You Might Think

"1 in 7 children are involved in bully-victim interactions. All children lose when aggression is tolerated: the bullies, the victims and the bystanders. Some of the more common forms of bullying include:"...

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Our Kids Media

5 Tips to Help Children with Learning Disabilities Succeed

"When a child is diagnosed with a learning disability, many parents feel devastated and scared. They ask themselves “What will my child’s future be like?” “Will they be successful?” Parents must realize that to achieve success, a child with a learning disability must focus on their strengths, know their weaknesses and discover learning strategies for dealing with difficulties."...

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Wonder Moms

Balancing Work and Family Life

"The way each individual chooses to balance work and family life will differ from person to person; however the importance of doing so is the same for everyone. When you feel that you are giving the right amount of time and energy to your work, individual and family life, then you have achieved a good balance."...

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Ezine Article

Helping Kids Deal With Stress

"Children experience stress in much the same way as adults do. Recognizing the signs of stress in your child will help you learn how and when to implement strategies to better help them deal with it."...

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Balancing Work and Family Life

"Balancing work and family life is a constant challenge. When starting, building and/or running your business it is always important to find a way to achieve a balance in your life. Coping with the demands of each role and nurturing each family member can be difficult. When thinking about achieving work-life balance it’s important to take some time to sit back, reflect and ask yourself some questions."...

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Baby Bites

The Holidays Are Not Always a Time For Cheer… Depression During the Holidays

"The holidays are usually a time that everyone looks forward to. But it is not uncommon for people to find it to be a lonely, depressing and stressful part of the year. This article provides helpful tips on how to get through the holidays and how to make the most of a time, that for some, isn't always so festive."...

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Speaking Engagements & Consultations

"Being a Young Adult with Epilepsy"
June 4, 2011
Epilepsy AGM/Conference 2011
Epilepsy Toronto
Metro Hall

"Recognizing and Preventing Bullying"
"How to Deal with a Homesick Camper"
May 29, 2011
Camp Oochigeas Counsellor training

"Recognizing and Preventing Bullying"
May 28, 2011
OCA Counsellors Conference
Camp Robin Hood

"Positive Discipline"
April 25, 2003
Rainbow's End Daycare

"Ask an Expert" Segment
April 10, 2003
Balance Television-CTV

"How To Communicate Effectively With Parents"
(for teachers) February 20, 2003
TEAM School

"Stress Management"
February 17, 2003
York Region Police Association

"How To Communicate Effectively With Parents"
(for teachers) February 7, 2003
Elementary Teachers of Toronto
Federation Professional Development Day

Consultation to the editor of Now Magazine
Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder
November 17, 2002 Edition

Editorial in The Toronto Sun
"Give Your Child a Head Start in School"
November 1, 2002

Consultations to Health Editor of Glow Magazine
on Child Development and Parenting Issues
July/August and September 2002 Editions

"Bullying and Building Self Esteem"
(for students) April 16, 2002
Horizon Alternative School

"Stress and Anger Management"
April 4, 2002
Brian Petits Amis Daycare

"Sibling Rivalry"
March 26, 2002
Breakfast Television, City TV

"Redefining Today's Teenager"
February 26, 2002
Royal St. George's College

"Coping with Stress in the Workplace" and "How to Communicate Effectively with Parents"
February 25, 2002
Regional Principles' Conference - Kenjgewin Teg Educational Institute

"Provincial Assessment (On Reserve & Provincial) Grades 3, 6 & 10 Literacy"
February 20, 2002
First Nations Education Conference
Fifth Annual Partnerships in Success

"How To Communicate Effectively With Parents"
February 8, 2002
Elementary Teachers of Toronto
Federation Professional Development Day

"Positive Disciplining"
January 10, 2002
Fenside Children's Centre

"Building Your Child's Self-Esteem"
November 29, 2001

"Today's Teenager"
October 24, 2001
"Open Mind" Speakers Series

"Balancing Work and Family"
October 20, 2001
Young Entrepreneurs Organization - Spousal Retreat

"Building Your Child's Self-Esteem"
May 9, 2001
Take A Break Mother's Group

"Positive Discipline"
April 11, 2001
Little School House Nursery School

"Understanding ADHD"
February 22, 2001
Hillcrest Progressive School

"How to Communicate Effectively with Parents"
February 9, 2001
Toronto District School Board

"Mealtime, Bedtime and Morning Routines"
November 30, 2000
Mini Skool

"How to Communicate Effectively with your Child"
November 6, 2000
Beaumonde Heights Public School

"How to Communicate Effectively with Parents"
(for staff) October 18th, 2000
Northview Heights

"Raising Teenagers"
May 9th, 2000
Hadassah Women's Organization

"Bullying...It's Happening More than we Realize"
(for staff) May 3rd, 2000
Hagerman House- York Board of Education

"How to Communicate Effectively with Parents"
(for staff) May 1st, 2000
Rexdale Home Child Care

"'s Happening More than we Realize"
(for staff) April 26, 2000
Esker Lake Child Care Centre- Peel Board of Education

"Positive Disciplining"
February 23, 2000
Rockford Child Care Centre

"Stress in the Workplace"
November 18, 1999
Timex Canada

"Positive Disciplining"
November 4, 1999
Lyndhurst Day Nursery

"How to Communicate Effectively with your Child"
May 12, 1999
Toronto Dominion Bank - TD Tower

"Discipline in the 90's"
April 21, 1999
Toronto Dominion Bank - TD Tower

"Discipline in the 90's"
November 24, 1998
Mini Skool

"Discipline in the 90's"
November 10, 1998
Centered on Children Child Care Centre

"Behaviour Management in the Classroom"
(for staff) November 9, 1998
Centered on Children Child Care Centre

"How to Communicate Effectively with Parents"
(for staff) October 29, 1998
Brian Petits Amis

"How to Communicate Effectively with Children"
October 23, 1998
Phoenix Child Care

"Attention Deficit Disorder in Children"
June 28, 1998
Talk 640 AM Radio - "Second Opinion"

"Discipline in the 90's"
May 12, 1998
Twinkle Stars Private Home Day Care Services

"Discipline in the 90's/How to Deal with Stress"
May 7, 1998
Markham Civic Centre Daycare - Annual General Meeting (AGM)

"Parenting for Children Over 10"
April 22, 1998
Goodman and Carr
Barristers and Solicitors

"Discipline in the 90's"
April 22, 1998
Owen Community Learning Centre

"Discipline in the 90's"
April 8, 1998
Genesis Community Day Care Centre

"Fatherhood - Stay-at-Home Dads"
March 31, 1998
Breakfast Television, City TV

"Parenting for Children Under 10"
March 25, 1998
Goodman and Carr
Barristers and Solicitors

Consultation on Child Development Issues with Regards to Custody and Access
March 10, 1998
Children's Resource and Consultation Centre of Ontario

"How to Communicate Effectively with Children"
February 26, 1998
Northview Heights

"How to Communicate Effectively with Parents"
(for staff) January 15, 1998
York Region Child Care Supervisor's Association

"Discipline in the 90's-Part 2"
October 8, 1997
Brian Petits Amis

"The Importance of Play in Child Development"
September 18, 1997
Happyland Nursery

"Discipline in the 90's- Part 1"
April 16, 1997
Brian Petits Amis

"Helping Individuals Deal with Epilepsy"
March 12, 1997
CBC 740 AM Radio

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